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Crib mobiles, in addition to bringing in cheer to the NICU, provide a range of benefits to newborns, from stimulating vision and hearing to enhancing the development of motor skills.
Group meals, hosted by the Family Support Specialist and Family Advisory Council, offer families a chance to socialize and relax with other families going through similar experiences in a supportive environment.
Scrapbooking and crafting supplies are used to make name signs for each baby's isolette and for capturing tiny footprints to make memories or use as holiday gifts.
As premature infants get stronger, they need stimulation and movement. These mini-gyms, outfitted with activities designed for the tiniest patients, help develop motor skills and provide visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation. Just as important, they encourage social interaction and fun. Each mini-gym includes a floor mat, musical mobile, and arch with age-appropriate toys.